Biyernes, Hulyo 23, 2004

Intelligence Memo Misspelled Country Name; Iran Not Iraq Had 9/11 Ties ( "In an incredible turn of events, John McLaughlin, acting CIA director, discovered a mistake that clears Iraq and Saddam Hussein from any ties to 9/11 and in turn places the blame straight on Iran and it's government.

"It was amazing. I could hardly believe it with my eyes." Stated John McLaughlin, "We sent President Bush a memo over one year ago that stated that Iraq was partly to blame for 9/11. However, after carefully reviewing that memo this past week, we noticed there was a misspelling. All the words that ended in 'n' were ending in 'q'. We think the keyboard on the analyst laptop failed. So when he tried to type Iran, his keyboard transposed the letter 'n' and placed a 'q' in its place. I feel real bad about this." "

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