Martes, Oktubre 16, 2007

Back with the Penguin

I finally got the right combination of free time and sipag energy to go back to Linux. I had to shrink my Windows XP partition so I had to evict a lot of data, most of them games (cry). Then I burned a netinst Debian image, reboot and installed.

The installation is way easier now. The menus are a lot simpler, any newbie can figure it out. After the installer hogged office bandwidth for some time, I gave it a go and booted to a pretty desktop environment: Gnome. I was a bit disappointed that the installer did not give me an option to select KDE but that's fine.

I expected to do some more manual configuration for some devices but I was surprised that the system detects the cdrom drive and mounts it properly; if I plug in a flash drive or plug my camera, it can make them work. I'd say that out of the box, the OS is in excellent condition. It used to be that I had to crack my newbie brain to mount this and that and edit this and that conf file.

It's working now so it's time to break it. I'm updating my distribution to Sid to get a feel of the bleeding edge.

More later.

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