Miyerkules, Pebrero 15, 2006


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He's one of the Igorots standing by the gate of Baguio Botanical Garden. They charge ten pesos each if you want them to pose with you. If according to old belief, a camera takes some of your soul, does it mean that they are selling their souls?

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Sidney ayon kay ...

They wouldn't be the first to sell their soul for money :-)

yosibreak ayon kay ...

hi sidney! glad you came by..yeah, i suppose. I was just wondering if they still hold that belief.

pie ayon kay ...

you were in baguio? tsk tsk tsk! we could have met up if i only knew! =)

Chesuki ayon kay ...

hey, hey, I'm not sure but I think I'm going to Baguio on Friday, if I do, I'll pose with them and wonder if that belief is true.

Wendel Chumacog ayon kay ...

For your info, those are indeed Igorots. But they do it for economics. Iam an Igorot myself, and if you want totake photos of Igorots, drop by UD Diliman. there are alot of us over there.

Baguio consists of about 60% Igorots. visit www.cordilleraonline.com or baguiocityonline.com to see us. We despise people from the lowlands who do not know who the Igorots are. There are more than a milion of us. Alot are professionals in Manila, abroad (google mo bibaknets), a lot in the IT.